Please Give Me An Overpopulation Poem! Or Can Anyone Tell Me Where To Find One?


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Jillian Peppe answered
Hope this helps you out.

God gave the world
Holy Books, nature, and science;
To inspire and love the Creator
with one's heart and mind.
Yet, we only ponder a small portion
and become blind.

Embracing intellectual
and spiritual laziness instead;
Preferring evangelism
from profit-motivated charlatans
and talking heads.
Promoting the corrupting forces
of political parties and money over ministry.

God gave the world
a beautiful garden to sustain us;
Yet we overuse, overpopulate,
and mock the warning signs before us.
Laying waste to our life-support system
and a healthy future.

Materialism and reproductive irresponsibility
Contraception vilified by dogma
and the maintenance of power.
Adoption and nurturing alternatives
ignored by the church tower.

Humanity's long-term physical and spiritual health
Plundering God's gifts
at the expense of all and the souls to come.
Souls too numerous to sum…

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