What Is The Best Way To Start A Love Poem?


4 Answers

Tauseef Sheikh Profile
Tauseef Sheikh answered
First of all, you must make a preamble for starting any topic. And then you must move slowly towards the topic in your poem but that must be unnoticeable that you've come to the original topic. In this way you can start the love poem.
David Hurtado Profile
David Hurtado answered
You don't have to do any preambles or anything like that, just say what you feel with the most beautiful and best words you can find. Be sincere and you will have a great poem.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
First of all, you should think of the best words that relate to love and like you said, just move slowly into the topic of love
Jasmine  Brooks Profile
Jasmine Brooks answered
I think maybe you should talk about how hard it is and how much its hurts then talk about how much it feels good to be loved by someone

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