I Want To Write A Poem About My Boyfriend/Girlfriend. How Do I Get Started?


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Writing a poem to a boyfriend or girlfriend is a really romantic gesture that will be sure to go down well with your partner. To get started writing your poem, I'd suggest taking some time to look at examples of different poetic styles. After that, you could try and decide on a way of delivering your message that makes it unique to the person you are writing about.

What kind of poem to write a boyfriend/girlfriend Poetry is a great way to express your feelings because it can be as rigid or as flexible as you want it to be. People often have the misconception that poetry needs to rhyme, it doesn't!
A rhyme scheme may add to the flow and tempo of your poem - but it is by no means required.
Certain types of poetry have rules that govern everything from meter and stress, through to length an d layout.
What I'd recommend is taking a few minutes to have a look at different styles of poetry to see if there's any particular style you'd like to adopt for your piece. If not, you may just want to write a freestyle poem.

Types of poems you can check out include:
  • ABC Poem
  • Blank Verse
  • Ode
  • Ballad
  • Limerick
  • Sonnet
  • Couplet poetry
  • Haiku
How to write a poem for you lover To write a poem that shows someone how much you care for them, love is going to be an important theme. The use of imagery, metaphors and similes can be used to represent love in a sweet and subtle way. Often people talk about roses, hearts, doves, etc... My advice would be to try and avoid sounding too soppy or predictable. The best kind of poetry is exciting and engaging, so try and think of things that you and your partner can relate to.
Perhaps you spent a pleasant day together somewhere... That could be your setting!
Is there a nickname you use with each other? Try and include that in your poem!
Another idea would be start each line with the letter of his or her name. For example a poem about a girl called Lucy could go something like this:

Like the time we went to Brighton Pier, Underneath a bright blue tide, Colour of the sea was clear, Your eyes were just as wild.
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Poetry has always been a great way to express yourself to a loved one or friend.  I am a published poet and I will tell you how I start.

First, get a big sheet of paper and write the name of the person in the centre, we're going to brainstorm some ideas. (do you know how to mindmap?

Now begin to draw two or three lines going out of the centre of the page.  Put some separate thoughts at the end of each of these lines, maybe it's LOVER, BEST FRIEND and TOWER OF STRENGTH.  Now take each of those ideas and draw lines from them like you did from the name and write two things that you think about that person in relation to those words.  You can keep doing this until you have a map of your thoughts and feelings about that person.  That is generally how you can stimulate your ideas, the next thing to do is decide, do you want this poem to rhyme or not?  Poems don't need to and those that don't offer you more options.  However, if you want them to rhyme, avoid the trap of cheese rhymes by using or purchasing a rhyming dictionary.

A nice format is to write verses like this:


Say three things about them and one thing about yourself.  Connect these ideas to your mindmap.
An example of this could be (and I have chosen the words from above, not words I would actually use:)

You are the tower of strength that supports our love
You are the lover that I've been dreaming of
You are the best friend anyone could have
I am in love with the you in you

Good luck!
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Girl I have not seen a girl like you. Girl your eyes shine like the stars as I deeply look into them
Girl you have gorgeous hair that matches your gorgeous eyes that shine like the stars.
Girl you are one of a kind
girl you have a smile a smile I have not seen in the world a smile I will always fall for
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You are the one that makes me feel like heaven
You are the one that has my heart protect with yours
You are the one the thats my boyfriend and everything I need
I am in loved and attached to you baby
~I love you forever babe
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I have my self a boyfriend
He is so little cute and small
I like the way he holds my hand
Can't wait for him to toss me the ball
Right now thier is not much to understand
we both await till the day we are tall
I'll be his lady, He'll be my man
Even than I know he won't let me fall
I have my self a boyfriend
Who even now won't give me up at all
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My boyfriend jc
I love the way you make me smile
I love you the way you care for me
I love the way you make me smile
I love it that I'm your princess and you my Prince
I love it that I now you will not cheat or hurt my feelings
I love the way you make me Happy and not sad
I love your
I love it that you are fit
I love it that I'm a lucky girl
I love that you protext me from the bad people in my life
I know you will allways love me and I allways love you
I love you baby now tormorrow and forever
I love you baby

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