The Poem Annabel Lee Is Mainly About_____?


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Poem "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allan Poe is about the death of a beautiful woman. The narrator falls in love with a a beautiful lady, Annabel Lee. The love of the narrator started in the Kingdom of sea. The intensity of love gets so stronger that even the angels were jealous of them. The poet says that this was the reason of the death of Annabel. Even after the death of lady, he has feelings of love. Therefore, even after her death, narrator daily dreams of Annabel Lee. The poet shows that even she has dead but still they have a soul association. Basically he is trying to rationalize his own feelings of her death. Therefore, the poem is about love and death.

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Option C) love and death

The poem Annabel Lee is mainly about love and death. The poem is dedicated to the beloved Annabel Lee, who died in ocean. The poet wrote this poem to grieve his loss.

Annabel Lee.

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