What Is A Lyric Poem?


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A lyric poem is an ancient form of poetry, which was originally accompanied by the music of a lyre.

What is a Lyre?
A lyre is a classical string instrument that was popular in ancient Greece. The hollow sound-box part was typically made out of a turtle shell.

What is a Lyric Poem?
Lyric poetry is a genre of poetry that focuses on the personal or emotional feelings of the singer. It was very popular among classical civilizations – particularly the Greeks, but it was big in Rome and China, too!

Lyric poetry was originally set to the music of a lyre, but it didn’t have to rhyme.

Nowadays, lyric poems don’t even need to be set to music – in fact, it was really only the ancient Greeks that thought that a musical accompaniment was necessary.

In the 19th century, some poets criticized contemporary lyric poetry by saying that it focused too much on flowery, melodious language rather than actual emotion or sentiments.
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Lyric poems were originally created to be sung to a lyre. They don't have to rhyme or follow any set pattern, but they must convey an emotion and create a melodic feeling.

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