What's The Poem "Lucy Gray" By Wordsworth All About?


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'Lucy Gray' is a lyrical poem. It is based on the story of a young girl who lost her way in a snow storm. She lived with her parents in a valley. She was a lonely girl as she had no friend and playmate. Yet she was very playful and jolly. One stormy night, her father asked here to go to the town and bring her mother home. She obeyed her father and went out with a lantern in her hand in a gay and happy mood.

But unfortunately the sudden storm seized her and she lost her way in the mountains. Her parents looked all night for the lost girl but could not find her. At daylight, they came upon a bridge where they discovered Lucy's footprints.
'Into the middle of the plank
And further there were none'
The last two stanzas describe the popular belief that though Lucy Gray is dead, yet
'She is a living child'
And may be seen and heard. She sings 'a solitary song' that blends with the sound of the wind.

In this poem, the poet tries to explore the boundaries of life and death. He uses vivid symbolism to explain this theme. The bridge, for example, symbolizes the transition from one state to other. It also suggests that in leaving life, Lucy has been unified with Nature. She has become a part of it. The poet does not stress upon Lucy's death. He, rather, tries to blend life and death in one continuous movement.
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Lucy Gray was a beautiful little girl who lived in a wild moor with her parents. Their house was located in the countryside far away from the cities. Nobody neighbored their house and Lucy lived without having any friends and playmates.

In Western countryside, it is said that if the moon is clearly seen during daylight, a storm appears in that area. One-day Lucy’s mother went town for shopping in the noon. After a while, he father realized that the moon can be seen and predicted a storm in few hours. He quickly told Lucy to take a lantern and go to the town to help her mother. Lucy obeyed her father and was on her way to the city.

Unfortunately, the storm appeared as soon as Lucy left for the town. It started to snow thickly that made it difficult for Lucy to see through. As she was wandering in the snowy atmosphere, she fell in a crevice and died. Her mother somehow returned home at night.

When the little girl did not come back, her parents went out in the snowy mountains shouting for their daughter, but they never found Lucy. On their way home, they found footprints on a wooden bridge in the middle. They concluded that perhaps Lucy Gray fell down and had died.

When we go through the hills, a solitary song is heard in the wind, which echoes in the mountains. Some people think that she died that day while some say she lives as a part of nature.

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Lucy gray by william wordsworth is a very heart throbing poem.we can classify the poem on two basis.considering lucy to be dorothy in real life or lucy an imaginary character portrayed in the one can say that wordsworth has tried to speak abt dorthy's character through lucy.both were similar in their nature except that dorothy was an invalid.even she was a great lover of nature.
In this poem wordsworth has explained abt a girl who is very obedient and the end the poet doesnt give much stress on her death.rather one can take that she has been unified with nature as she was a great lover of it..
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Wordsworth was a true lover of Nature who found law and impulse in her. From some of his poems like Tintern Abbey and others it comes to mind that the city life made him to loss his past memories of Nature as he enjoyed in childhood and youth. In his childhood he leaped and hopped after every object of nature and in his youth he loved them because of their colors and forms. Now as he is matured, though he feels the tranquility in his mind even in the din and bustle of city life yet he feels lost himself. Thus I think, Lucy is none other than Wordsworth himself who has lost his way  home and brought him weariness by the city life and abound earthly cares like a snow storm. He finds his spirit returns to the nature and blends with it and never ready to return to the earthly life again. Thus people hear Lucy singing in the midst of nature, in the hills and plains.
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Lucy gray is one of the finest poems written by wordsworth.the poem deals wid a lonely obedient girl who lost her way in a stormy night and was never found. The poem deals with th elink of the lonely child girl with the nature and the corrupt impacts of society on the girl. This is symbolized in the bridge ,a sumbol of change from one condition to another , from childhood to adult hood. When she crossed the bridge she snated by the nature from the corrut society. The poet also referes that she is still alive
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Its awesome and very heart touching...

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