What is the poem "By an Autumn Fire" about? (by Lucy Maud Montgomery)


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It is always down to the reader to interpret the poetry. Poetry can be so complex and so complicated and it's always difficult to find out precisely what the poem means.

Looking at the poem, one can assume that the writer is using many different kinds of metaphors (sometimes metaphors that you may not put together) to explain something that is going on in their life.

It seems like a very personal poem. It talks about cheery old tale and gay song, and attained ambition. It seems like the writer, Lucy Maud Montgomery, is talking about something very personal in her life.

  • What it means to you
Sometimes when it's impossible to find out what the writer intended to mean (or even if you already know what they meant), you have to interpret the poem in a way that relates to you.

Sometimes the poem can actually mean more if you associate the words and the metaphors with your own life. You might find that the poem fits with something that is happening in your life. Metaphors may be able to describe your own feelings and help you on the way to understanding what is going on in your life. Poetry is really great like that. So if you still can't figure out precisely what Lucy Montgomery was talking about when she wrote 'By an Autumn Fire', then you should start relating it to yourself.

  • However, there is one thing we might be missing

From the title and what the poem says, we could assume that the poem is actually about an autumn fire. Maybe Montgomery wanted us all to think that the poem had more meaning, than a simple description of an autumn fire. Or maybe it was a double bluff. Maybe she wanted us to think that it was just about an autumn fire, but instead, it's a long metaphor about how she is feeling and about how life is treating her.

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