What Is The Meaning Of The Poem A Green Cornfield By Rossetti About?


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The poem is a celebration of life, nature and love. It focuses on the simple detail of a skylark singing (this bird is traditionally associated with joy and springtime) and connects this with ideas of the continuity of life. The lark has a nest and a mate; the song is just one sign that life goes on. There is an implicit contrast between the poet's solitary state and the pairing of the birds, but the mood of the poem is joyous and life-affirming.
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The earth was green, the sky was blue:
I saw and heard one sunny morn
A skylark hang between the two,
A singing speck above the corn;

A stage below, in gay accord,
White butterflies danced on the wing,
And still the singing skylark soared,
And silent sank and soared to sing.

The cornfield stretched a tender green
To right and left beside my walks;
I knew he had a nest unseen
Somewhere among the million stalks.

And as I paused to hear his song
While swift the sunny moments slid,
Perhaps his mate sat listening long,
And listened longer than I did.

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where was the poet sure of skylark

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when does the skylark sing and when is it silent

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