What is the meaning of the poem "Eve" By Ralph Hodgson?


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The meaning behind the poem "Eve" by Ralph Hodgson can be interpreted in a couple of ways.

Obviously, the poem is a reference to the Biblical story of Adam & Eve: Where Eve was tempted into eating the forbidden fruit by Satan who visited her in the form of a serpent.

Poetic interpretations of Eve's role in the fall of mankind from the Garden of Eden is often seen as a commentary of the role that womenkind play in society, and that is one way to read this poem.

When Hodgson talks about Eve's susceptibility to the snake's wile and charm, he describes Eve as simple and gullible:

"Oh, had our simple Eve

Seen through the make-believe!

Had she but known the

Pretender he was!"

Even when banished from Eden, Eve's regrets about the event are summed up in her sadness at no longer having berries and plums to eat - rather than understanding the full gravity of the situation.

"Picture her crying

Outside in the lane,

Eve, with no dish of sweet

Berries and plums to eat, 

Haunting the gate of the

Orchard in vain...."

It's worth bearing in mind that the poem Eve is written in 1924, when society's view on women wasn't as developed as it is today. So in many ways Ralph Hodgson is merely echoing the portrayal of women in his contemporary environment.

Nevertheless, it makes for a chilling and well-written piece of poetry. Worth checking out this specific reading. The reader's voice is magical:

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