I Need Critical Appreciation Of "The Education Of Nature" By William Wordsworth?


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Like other "Lucy" poems, this one shows Wordworth's belief (based partly on the writings of Rousseau) that Nature is the best teacher, and anyone reared entirely by Nature would be without evil. So Lucy is this kind of ideal, uncorrupted person (also, like a lot of men of his time, Wordsworth wasn't too crazy about higher education for girls!) If there was a real Lucy she has never been found  - some people think the poem may be a partial expression of his love for his sister Dorothy.

You might get some more ideas from this essay.
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Lucy was born on nature's lap.She grew up being moulded with nature's arms.But unfortunately she was not destined to live long."How soon my lucy's race was run!"The poet in the poem laments over his beloved's death who was so dearly nurtured by nature.
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Great answer Shugu.
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The poem has a simple theme that nature has the ability to educate the mind of people.

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