Describe The Poem "It Is A Beautiful Evening" By Wordsworth?


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The poem glorifies childhood as compared with manhood. A child is nearer to heaven than earth. He is pure, innocent and quite free from all the earthy impurities. Though his mind is not developed and though he is not capable of appreciate the beauties of Nature, yet he is nearer to Nature and God than a grown-up man.

The poet is enjoying an out-door walk with a small innocent girl. It is a claim, quite peaceful evening. Time looks like a pious female worship who is praying in deep unbroken silence. The big red copper-disc of the sun is slowly gliding down behind the horizon. The sea seems to be soft and calm like the gentle skies. Everything seems to be asleep. Only the Almighty spirit is awake. It seems to producing a continuous unbroken thunder-like sound in silence. The sound is not audible to the naked ears because it is too deep, continuous and unbroken.

The poet is greatly moved by the heavenly beauty of the scene. But he realizes that the small girl, walking along with him, is not at all touched by the beauty of the scene. He tells her that if she is not moved the beauty of the scene, it does not mean that her soul is less holy than the soul of a man who is moved by that scene. The fact is that she is too small and innocent to appreciate the beauties of Nature. But in spite of it, she is pure, holy and heavenly thing. Her soul resides in the inner most room of the great temple of God. She always lived with God, while the grown-up men are bereaved and isolated from God.

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