Discuss The Poem The Echoing Green By William Blake.


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The short but lovely poem has been taken from "Songs of Innocence' by William Blake. These songs are the divine voice of childhood. In this poem the poet has described a grassy park on a warm day in late spring. The sun is spreading its golden rays over the earth. Every thing glitters with life. The sky is bright and clear. Happy song birds like skylark and thrush are singing in tune with the cheerful sound of the church bells. They welcome the spring with their sweet notes.

Old John and other elderly persons are sitting under the oak tree. They are watching the sports of young boys and girls. They are all laughing and trying to forget their worries. They recall their own child hood and say that they also enjoyed their games on the green field in the same way. Soon the evening approaches. As the sun comes down and darkness prevails, all sports come to an end. The children feel tired now. They go home and take refuge in the laps of their mothers. They went into the bed just like birds in their nests. The bright green field turns into a deserted and dark field.
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The poem "The Echoing Green" is written by William Blake, in his book "Songs of Innocence" (1789).

The central idea of the poem is to give a contrast between innocence and experience as well as between perception of joys and sorrows. This poem may also be attributed towards the life of a person and his different stages of life like birth, life and finally death.

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Describe the childhood of the poet explained in the poem?
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Echoing green is a playground.
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This poem is written by William Blake and it basically depicts how everything in the world begins with a cheerful start but also has to end, whether it’s the day or the life of a person. The poem also shows a contrast between the innocence in the beginning and the experience that is gained with age.

It shows the various phases of a person’s life from childhood to old age. The merry ringing of bells and singing and chirping of the birds represent the joys of childhood and young age when one possesses a lot of energy. After that the old age approaches which makes you weary and tired and when old you reminisce about the golden days of youth and its joys. At this age there is a little bit of sadness about everything coming to a near end. In this poem youth is described by the metaphor “Echoing Green” while “Darkening Green” is used to represent old age.

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