Discuss The Poem "The Little Girl Found" By William Blake.


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The poem "The Little Girl Found" has been taken from William Blake's "Songs of Experience". It is an expression of human experience of suffering, fear and sadness. It also shows a ray of hope in the bitterness of human life. Although it is a simple story of a girl lost and found, yet the hidden meanings of the poem are very deep.

Lyca is an innocent young girl who is lost in the jungle. Her parents search her for seven days and seven nights. They wander through deep valleys and pathless deserts with tired limbs and swollen feet. The mother is totally exhausted and can walk no further. They are miserable and hoarse with crying Lyca's starved image flashes before their eyes and disturbs their sleep. Lyca's father carries his wife in his arms in order to continue their search.

All of a sudden they see a big lion blocking their way. They are horrified and feel certain of their death. But the lion licks their hands and does not heart them. They now realize that it is a spirit in the guise of a lion. The lion leads them to his cave. They are very glad to see their child unharmed. All their fear disappear and they start living in the company of wild beasts.

The poem can be interpreted as a story of human life which is full of hardships and sorrows. Human beings suffer and cry over their misfortunes. Then finally death approaches to rescue them from all their pains and sorrow. It takes them to a heavenly valley where peace and happiness prevails for ever.

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