Can Anyone Write Me The Summary Of "THE CHIMNEY SWEEPER" By WILLIAM BLAKE?


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From the onset, the hardships of the small boy's lives are presented. Being sold by his father after his mother's death, the boy becomes a chimney sweeper. Then little Tom Dacre is saddened by his shaved head, but is later cheered up from a dream he has. An angel opens all the coffins to set the sweeper boys free to frolic and play like children should. Tom is warmed by these thoughts in the cold, dark morning as him and the narrator head off to another day of work in the chimneys
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William Blake was not only a poet but a social reformer.he  had always reacted to the social injustics
prevailed during his time. This particular poem "the chimney sweeper" reveals the pathetic living condition of chimney sweeper during his time.

The poem starts with a sad note where the narrator says how he became a chimney sweeper.his mother died when he could hardly speak a word and his father sold him for a living.however he survived and lead the life,sweeping the chimney and sleeping in soot.

Though he himself was sad,he tries to console his fellow beings.Once when Tom Dacre cried for his head  being shaved, he console his friends.this shows the care,innocence and the positive attitude
of the poor.

Through the dream of the boy,the poet reveals his concept of the life after death. He gives the readers
some lessons through the words of the angel. It was lead a good life there is nothing to worry because
we will have god for our father and will  never think of joy.Those who do their duty need not fear harm.

This and only gives Tom happiness and warm but inspires the readers to do good this gives as motivation to lead a good life.

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