What Did William Blake Think Of His Religion?


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He satirized his society at his time, including religious organizations. For example, in "Little Vagabond," the speaker talks about the maltreatment the orphans receive from the cold church. Ironically, they find ale house warmer. They receive better treatment in the place where we do not expect little boys to hang around. Also, in "London" and "Chimney Sweepers," we can find the negative attitudes towards Christianity. Those who are supposed to take care of miserable children ignore them and the angel who uses the bright key to unlock all children from coffins (a symbol of chimneys where they are forced to work in, cleaning the soot) is an ironic figure, representing all Chirstian organization. Why do they not help them but wait until they die of malnourishment and diseases and tell them to have in faith in God and they will be with God in heaven. Why does nobody help them right now when they are still alive and need help.

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