Summary of the short story discovering tut: The saga continues by a. R. Williams?


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This book is meant to show readers the beauty and mystery of ancient Egyptian culture and the science and wonder of archaeology. This is actually a book with many chapters, rather than a short story; in fact, the book is an in-depth look at the circumstances of King Tut's death, as well as the general culture and lifestyle practiced during his lifetime. Fascinating and well-written this book has captured many people's interest, and it remains a popular choice for anyone interested in archaeology and ancient Egyptian culture.

  • How to summarize literature

When you're reading a short story or full-length fiction or non-fiction work, keep a notebook handy and jot down pivotal plot points in the story. As you proceed, you will begin to form a timeline that starts at the beginning of the work, proceeds to a climax in the story, and then winds down to a denouement that leads to a final conclusion. This format exists in every sort of story, unless the work is written in a very creative way, such as stream-of-consciousness.

Other things to record during a reading are characters names (such as King Tut, in this story) and place names (such as Egypt, in this story). As well, consider how the book made you feel - were there times when you felt strong emotions, or a sense of wonder? All of these impressions could form the basis of a great summary and book report that will please any teacher or professor.

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Reviews of a book will help you learn more about a storyline or a book's central theme, even if you don't have time to read the whole thing. Amazon and other retail outlets offer reviews on almost any novel or non-fiction book, and they are easy to scan while you surf the World Wide Web.

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