What is the summary of Old Things and New, a short story by  Francisco Icasiano?


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The Old Things and New is a little known poem by the Filipino poet Francisco Icasiano. It discusses how things that were once new and precious over time lose their value, as 'the heart forgets' and 'Maytime passes'. He reflects on how things become old and outdated and new things come to take their place. The poet seems to hint that he wishes he could have the old things back, as he has no love for these new things. An underlying theme in the poem seems to be that human nature causes us to forget what is special and important to us, and we too often get caught in the business of everyday life to appreciate what life is truly about.
  • Poem interpretation
Poem interpretation takes place on the majority of literature courses, primarily because it encourages the reader to try and understand what feelings and thoughts the poet is trying to portray. Unlike many pieces of literature, poems can have many layers, and often even the shortest poems take hours of analysis before all of its secrets are discovered. In many ways the art of being a good poet is about concealing what you wish to express below the surface, so the reader can enjoy reading and considering the poem for a long time. After this the poem is more likely to have made a deep impression on the reader. What's more, people will interpret poems in different ways, and often find aspects of themselves in their method of interpretation. Many individuals recognize ideas they are similar with immediately, causing them to develop a connection with the poem. At other times, the reader may take time to become familiar with a thought and fully understand it.
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Wala naman kayong iniwan na parang summarize lang. Paki lagyan nalang antay kami feedback. Thank you!

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