Story of the old things & new by Francisco B. Icasiano?


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  • The story of Old Things and New

Unfortunately, there is not very much information on Francisco B. Icasiano available on the Internet, and so it is extremely hard to find the story that is told in one of his particular poems.

  • Where you could probably find more information on the poet and his work

If this is needed for a school or college assignment, then your best bet would probably be to ask your teacher for the extra information required. Although some people may refrain from doing this as they feel it may show an educational weakness in themselves, it is best to take this approach as, not only does it show the teacher the areas in which you are struggling and require extra help and support, but also reveals to them the potential flaws in some of their lesson plans; in this case you cannot find any extra information on the subject, and so therefore cannot do an adequate amount of research to prepare you for the all important self study part of a course.

If, however, you still think you cannot approach your teacher for the additional details necessary, or if the information is not needed for an essay or project, then you can always go and have a look in your local library. Although this is more time consuming than looking through the Internet, you may be surprised at the vast amount of information a library holds, and just how useful this can be; not only should you check the literature section here, but also the biography and autobiography section, as extra information on the poet may in turn lead to extra information on his work and the poem that you require in particular.

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