What Are The Requirements To Get A Seaman's Book Here In The Philippines?


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You need to have completed the appropriate training course in the United States. You must also apply for the passport in person. A full and completed passport application form must be with you when you apply for the passport. The applications need to include the left and right thumbprints, too. You then need to pay the fee and other passport charges. You will need to review the form and instructions in order to determine the current cost of your passport.

Then review the second page of the application document, in order to get a current list of additional requirements. The requirements for this passport, or seaman’s book, will change periodically so you can expect differences from time to time.

There are also photograph requirements. You will need to submit three coloured photographs of yourself, taken within the last six months. All of the photos need a royal blue background, too. In the photograph you need to be dressed in sensible and light-coloured clothes, too. Clothes must have a collar and sleeves, and men may not wear earrings in the photographs.

There must also be supporting documents. The following documents may be required to process your application, but not all of them may apply to yourself. Take any of the documents below that do relate to you with your application and photographs.

Marriage contract
Land title
Driver's license
Government service record
Old SSS E1 form
Transcript of records
Voter's registration record
Baptismal certificate
Seaman's book
Valid employment contract authenticated by the Philippine Embassy

For newborn children, five copies of the following additional documents are required, too:

Birth certificate
Marriage contract of parents (if applicable)
Passport of parents
Report of birth form from the embassy with left and right footprint affixed to the back.

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