What Is The Summary Of The Story "Tuesday Of The Other June"?


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There was a girl named June and she hated Tuesdays which she called "bad days" because she would get bullied by a other girl named June in her swimming class. June "the bully" would call June "the nice girl" fish eyes buffalo brain and also the mean June would creep to the nice June's house to torment her.

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There was a girl named June who hated swim class because there was another girl named June and she made Tuesday terrible. Tuesday she hated going to swim class because of the other June; the other June would poke her and call her names like fish eyes and buffalo brain. Her mom said that they would be moving soon and June got excited, but when she found out that they will be moving after swim class ends she got sad again. When they got to their new house June saw that the other June was a couple houses down so she started to freak out again. When June got to her new school guess who was there? The other June! The other June, like always called her fish eyes and poked her. As it went on one day June stood up to the other June and said "NO NO NO NO " everyone laughed at the other June because someone stood up to her and the bullying stopped. THE END

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There was a girl named June she hated Tuesdays because there was another girl named June at the swimming class who bothers her every single Tuesday and calls her fish eyes

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