Describe The Poem "Shakespeare"? By Mathew Arnold?


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1st stanza-
Remember, this poem is written about Shakespeare, so Arnold is talking about Will when is speaks of "his majesty." The first lines talk of how people search for high knowledge, or "the loftiest hill," but their knowledge can never compare to Will's.

2nd stanza-
Arnold puts Will on a pedistoll; he is pretty much calling him a God, and that the only thing that stopped him from becoming one was death.

3rd stanza-
Shakespeare spoke of nature so well that he was intimate with it. He had no school'd knowledge of such things, but that allowed him to be taught by nature itself.

4th stanza-
All the sorrows of life, all the pain and suffering; all the emotions that most people can not speak, Shakespeare spoke for them. Will was the well versed spokesmen for a people who knew what to say but didn't know how to say it.

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