Describe A Beautiful Scene Of Nature.


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When ever I'm depressed, I go to this place in my head(don't worry, I'm not crazy. Its doctors orders). Its a place that only you know about and aware of your surroundings. Its tranquil, and peaceful. Very green . Spring setting with a very tiny ripple of a brook in the background. Its a place that is very calming and spiritual. There are birds chirping in the background. My scene has me lying on the grass next to the brook. My hands are crossed behind my head and my eyes are closed. Very peaceful, tranquil place.
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All the scenes which you experience in every day are natural. Like the rising of the moon, setting of the sun, shinning of the stars, mountains, greenery, clouds etc. I am giving you a website for some information on beautiful scenes of nature so that you can write 100 words essay. Click here
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A meadow in the middle of summer

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