What Did Coleridge Say In His Poem "Youth And Age"?


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This philosophical poem has been composed by Coleridge. The poet is known for his imaginative poetry. In these lines he compares and contrasts youth and old age. In youth, man's life is full of pleasure and excitement. In old age it is laden with sorrow and misery. He remembers sweet memories of his youth and expresses deep regret over the loss of youth. He points out that every thing was so gay and pleasant when he was young. But with the passage of time, physical part of his personality has undergone a big change. His soul, and mind remained the same but the body has lost its vigour and energy. So he laments this change from youth to old age.

Youth is the sunshine, the spring time of life, which feeds on hope and ambitious tomorrow. It is the touch-stone that makes even bitter moments of our life cheerful. The poet says that when he was young he enjoyed the company of nature and poetry. He was very active, energetic and fearless. His body obeys all his commands briskly.

He was afraid of nothing and could look into the eyes of storms. He enjoyed love, liberty and friendship which were all the blessings of youth. But now he is an old man with grey hair and bent back. He expresses deep sorrow because he thinks youth has left him alone and helpless. However he is unwilling to accept the idea that he has really grown old.

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