Supernaturalism In Coleridge Poetry, Can You Give Me The Answer?


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Coleridge is one of the great poets of Romantic Movement in English Literature. His thoughts are philosophical. But his style is simple and clear. Supernaturalism is his special field. He writes about supernatural elements and events and describes what is unseen and beyond nature. But he describes them in such a way that they appear natural and life like. He differs from his contemporaries, Lewis, Mrs. Radcliff and Poe, who create horror by showing deshaped and horrible faces. He, on the other hand, creates horror by creating horrible atmosphere. He is a real artist.

It is true that what is best in Coleridge's poetry is very small in amount but that little is of great value. He seems to have more interest in describing supernatural elements. But his greatness lies in the fact that he describes them in such a way that looks to be natural and life like. His poems "The ancient Mariner", "Christabel", and "Kubla Khan" are the precious assets of the English literature. These are the poems that made him immortal in the world of poetry.

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