Is There Any Metaphor, Simile, Personification, Symbolism, And Other Imagery Used In 'Leisure' By Davies?


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The question is a bit long to answer here, and I haven't managed to find a detailed analysis on the Internet, but here are a few ideas:
Davies was a poor man, not from an educated background, and the idea of leisure was quite special to him - he grew up with the idea that life is very hard.
Devices include: Rhetorical questions (What is this life...?); rhyming couplets; regular metre (iambic tetrameter); simile (streams…like skies at night); personification (Beauty's glance.); and repetition (last line.) simile and personification are types of imagery.
I think  the poem's message is more relevant than ever, now that we tend to think so much about money - not only making it, but a lot of our leisure activities are also about spending money/consuming. For example, if you think of "leisure" don't you also think of  leisure activities, organised things etc? I think we all need a  lot more leisure of the kind that Davies talks about - what do you think?

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