How Do You Compare And Contrast Coleridge And Wordsworth As Critics?


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To make the comparison of both of the poets you have to choose a poem each from their work and then you can compare them.

If we take the example of 'Lines Written in Early Spring' by William Wordsworth with that of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner', they both are of same time period and the manner in which they are composed is also the same. But in a lot of ways they are in contrast to each other. The subject matter is in contrast and the poetic diction as well. The mood, images and symbols are also in contrast to each other.

With the use of the words Wordsworth was able to create a surrounding that was serene and joyful but Coleridge took great pains to create a gloomy atmosphere, though in the end of he was also able to create the lighter image with the words.

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