What Is A Poem Of Fourteen Lines?


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A sonnet is defined as a verse form or a form of poetry which consists of fourteen lines. A sonnet has a fixed scheme of rhyme. The word sonnet is also used as a verb. The verb form of the word sonnet is the verb to sonnet, which means to praise (someone or something, which is the subject of the sonnet) in a sonnet. To sonnet also means to compose a sonnet.

The word sonnet has been derived from the Provencal word sonet and the Italian word sonetto. Both the words, namely the Provencal word sonet and the Italian word sonetto, can literally be translated into the English language as little song.

By the thirteenth century, the word sonnet had come to mean a poem that consisted of fourteen lines that had a fixed rhyme scheme. The structure of a sonnet follows a logical pattern. The structure of a sonnet has changed during the history of the sonnet.

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