Describe Shelley As A Lyric Poet And His Poetry.


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Shelley is a great lyric poet. He observes the ups and downs of life closely. He sees that man is selfish and in sincere to his fellow-men. The world has become a hell in which everybody is burning in the fire of contempt and envy. This hatred and heartlessness is the main cause of man's despair and unhappiness. This sad state of affairs disturbs the poet's mind and soul. He wishes to bring about a revolution in this world.

As he is a great follower of Plato he believes, like him, that love is the panacea for all the evils of the world. Only by following the golden rule of "love for all and hatred for none" can man come out of the abyss of barbarism and pessimism. It is his firm belief that one day love would prevail in the world. Then all man's miseries would come to an end and his 'vast vale of tears' would become an earthly paradise in which tears would be replaces by laughter and groans by gaiety. Shelley was a great revolutionary poet. He was deadly against oppression and suppression. He wanted to break all chains of social and political slavery so that man might regain his natural grace and dignity.

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