Give The Summary Of The Poem "The Hollow Men".


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The poet point out that modern man is hollow from inside. The qualities of men like wisdom, spirituality and sublime morality based on a staunch faith are nowhere to be found. They behave as if they are either puppets or dolls. Efforts to generate collective wisdom and intelligence to promote the cause of humanity have failed miserably. They are given to dream of bright future whereas in reality there is no hope for a better future.

People speak out words and think they talk wise things but actually they convey nothing to others as the intelligence of this age is superficial. Modern men have been toeing the wrong life. They attached prime importance to material things and value things unimportant. The result is that they have been denied access to wisdom necessary to promote humanity. Being well equipped and facilitated with material adds modern men appear to be strong but their vigour is just a semblance of strength. They are just like stagnant pools of water… all still and motionless. They are just like stagnant pools of water… all still and motionless. There is no chance of improvement with the present mind set. Modern man also lacks initiative and derives.

The poet understands that beneath this hollowness is absence of a spiritual basis. No elevation is possible without it, so, faith must be restored to modern men.

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