What is a summary of the poem 'Colonel Fazackerley' by Charles Causley?


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In this comic poem, the Colonel is haunted by a ghost that wants to frighten him. However, the Colonel is delighted as he believes the ghost is a person in fancy dress, and is so polite to it that the ghost finally disappears in disgust. The Colonel is quite sorry and wishes his new friend would come back.
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That's ok. It had to be done, really, as this was a big favourite of mine when I was little - 7 or 8 years old or so...I remember my mum (who died when I was 18 - I'm 45 now) reading the poem to me...
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Many thanks, Catherine, for putting up that correction. I was quite gobsmacked when I read the original answer and was going to post a correction myself - then I read yours.

I've loved that poem since I was a youngster (I'm 51 now, so that's a long time to love something) and I read it to my kids (frequently enough that even the youngest can quote it).

I just love the way that the Colonel turns the tables on the ghost - it wants to drive him out but he's so unflappable and ridicules and minimises its every attempt until *it* gives up and leaves instead.

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