Can You Show Me The Poem Voice Of God Written By Louis I.newman?


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Unfortunately, the entire poem is not available for free online. The following is a stanza that is part of the poem:
I sought to hear the voice of God
And climbed the topmost steeple
But God declared: "Go down again,
I dwell among the people".
There are several sites that offer an explanation of these words, but they do not provide the entire poem since it is copy-protected material. It is best to seek out the published works of Louis I. Newman in order to get the entire poem. Try Amazon or another online bookstore to see if you cannot locate the copy legally.
You may also find your local library has a book of Newman's poems. If you have a local bookstore, consider finding the poem there and copying it from the book so as to have it to hand.
Louis I. Newman is a poet and scholar of Jewish Ethics. He is well known for his written works both in scholarly journals and his poems. The poem is meant to describe that God is all around us and that the best way to serve God is to be a human being.
The voice in the poem went to the top of the steeple in order to have a conversation with God, but alas God is among the people, so he told him to descend to speak on even ground with the man. It is also stating the message that the best way to find God is through humanity. This is the most typical explanation of the poem found online and the generally accepted thought of what the poet had in mind when writing the poem. Most sites have the four-part stanza about to show you and others the meaning of the poem.
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I sought hear the voice of god   and climbed the top most steeple   but god declared "Go down again,   I dwell among the people".

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