How To Find When A Book Was Published?


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I don't suppose this could be it?:

Spencer, Herbert

EDUCATION: Intellectual, Moral and Physical
A.L. Burt NY 1900 12mo - over 6" - 7" tall Hard Cover Very GoodNo
Date. 1861 written on title page.??. Hard Cover, VERY GOOD green
boards, 309 pp.+adverts.. . Opinions and explanations about the worth
of knowledge and education.

Doreen Stephens Books (Canada)     $20.85AUD

If this looks similar to your book, you can try this link:

There are contact details for the seller and you could try emailing them to see if your two books are a match?
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Thank you very much. This does answer my question. I know a book dealer and he said the same thing. The info page when the book was printed was tore out or lost that is why I could not find the printing date for this book.
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The Online Library of Liberty may help... Ummm, honestly I can't seem to find any information on it. You may need to go to a rare book dealer to get more info on it. I also found this link that might help. Good Luck! Also, ISBN # are fairly new, and most books that are over 30 years old [and some newer] don't have ISBNs for their original publication.
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I was thinking about those book dealers that we have here in NH. Because the book I have has no info about it.
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Works of Robert Burns by allan Cunningham
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There is a page on the book that tells you all that kind of information
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Like I said there is no info in this book about when it was published. All it says is that it was published by A. L. Burt Company but no date. Sorry I already said that there was no info about the date.

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