How Long Does It Take To Get A Book Published?


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To get a book published can take anything from three weeks to 18 months or more! It all depends on who is publishing the books and how many other books that publisher has on its lists at the time. If you secure a publishing deal with a mainstream or commercial publisher such as Bloomsbury, you could be waiting almost two years to see your book in print. The reason for such a delay is that mainstream publishers have an allocated budget each year for which they can use to produce new books on their lists. In any publishing company there will be a copy-editor, a proof-reader, an editor, several designers and of course the sales and marketing team. All of which have to be paid and all of these payments come out of their annual marketing budget. It has been estimated that to produce and promote a new book, it can cost in the region of �25'000, which is why mainstream publishers are only able to take on two or three new books per year.

However, if you decided to take the self-publishing route, although there is a lot of work involved, which you would be doing, you could easily have you book selling in the shops and on Amazon within six to eight weeks. Many writers, both published and unpublished are doing just this and proving to be very successful.

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