How Many Books Are Published Every Year?


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60,000 new books are published annually
in the United States alone (300,000 worldwide); 18,000 magazines are
published domestically, with 225 billion pages of editorial content;
400,000 scholarly journals are published each year
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At the last count, although I didn't personally count them, it was estimated that there are 130,000 new books published every year in the United Kingdom. In the United States of America, the number is a staggering 190,000!
These figures should be taken as a rough guide because this doesn't take into account the huge amount of titles such as memories, books of local history, course books, or other books that don't require to have an ISBN number and so are not listed on the book database that are currently being self-published by authors.
Thanks to the invention of digital printing, an author can now if they wish, get just one copy of their book printed, so where as once the publishing industry was akin to an exclusive club where publishers thought they were gods, new authors are now taking matters into their own hands and publishing and marketing their own books with great success, so the actual figure could easily be double within a few years.
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In 2013, United States has published 304,912, but still holds second place right after China with 440,000.

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