I Have Lost A Library Book Will I Have To Pay For It?


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In most libraries there is a fine to be paid in case books are lost; the fine may vary according to the cost of the book as well as the days for which it is overdue hence one would do well to inform the library immediately in case any book is missing. One may have to replace the book instead of paying a fine by buying a new copy; if the book is out of print then the replacement costs could be significantly high.

Either way one would have to compensate for the loss of the book in some form as the member is considered to be responsible for the safekeeping of any book that she/he borrows. Most libraries charge a deposit when one applies for a membership and one may request the library authorities to deduct the fine from the deposit account in case one wants to terminate the membership.

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Make sure you have a good look around your house if you still can't find it see if its in the libray you may have read it once you took it out and left forgeting you took it out and put it back on a shelf if you have checked every shelf and in your house it may be time to pay for the book it is usually how much the book cost on the bak of it make sure once you lost it renew it so avoiding fines for overdue on top of payment for the book

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