I Have Lost My Sim Card, How To Write A Letter For A New Sim?


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When you lose your SIM card, you will have to let your network provider know that you have lost it to also get your number put onto a new SIM card if you wish to keep the same number.

The easiest way to do this is not to write a letter. If you do wish to write a letter, the process may take longer and they may write back asking for more information. In this letter you must include when you lost it, your name, your address, the IMEI number of the SIM card and your telephone number. They may require more information but this is all that they need to transfer your number onto another card. This may not be free to do but with most network providers, the cost is minimal.

The other ways that you can do this in a more quick and efficient way are to call the network provider (obviously from another phone) and tell them that you have lost it. They will ask for all of the same information that you would put into a letter and they should be able to get a new one sent out to you. There may be a cost, but again, this should be minimal.

You could also call into the network provider's store and ask about a replacement SIM card. This will probably be the quickest way to do this. They may be able to replace it immediately in the store but it will take some time for your number to be transferred, so there is an element of waiting once you get home. This wait can be anything from two to 48 hours. The person that you speak to will be able to let you know what is a normal amount of time for your network to make this phone number change.
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You do not need to write a letter - phone the company up.  You need to do this to get a stop put on your old sim and you can get the same number again.

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