How To Write A Letter For Issuing Duplicate Sim Card?


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If you want to get acquire a duplicate SIM Card for your phone then the best way is often to get in contact with your network provider. They will often instruct you on the quickest and easiest way to do it, and typically, they suggest phoning rather than writing a letter. However, if your only means of communication is by letter then the company will provide an address in which to send your inquiries by post.

  • Use a store locator

By locating and visiting a shop in your local area, the staff should be able to give you an address to direct your request. Alternatively the majority of large phone network companies also provide an address under the 'contact us' section on their websites.

After looking at the Orange website 'help and support' tab, and asking the question ' how to get a duplicate SIM?' they provided a number you can ring from you mobile or, if you're phoning from a landline, a different number which unfortunately is not free.  Again, most large companies will be able to assist you over the phone and transfer your number but they do not specify if you will have already had to buy a SIM card yourself or if they dispatch one to you after they have transferred your number.  This information should also be specified during the number transfer.

  • Prepare to confirm your ID

Be ready also to answer any security questions which they may have and could involve various pin codes related to your SIM and or your phone. This information assists in cases of theft/loss of phone. You will notice that many companies will offer a new free SIM card with a minimum of one pound top-up to start and so this may apply when requesting a duplicate SIM despite having existing credit on the number. Company policy may vary.

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