How To Write Letter To Bank Manger Requesting For Duplicate Pass Book?


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To write a letter to your bank requesting a new pass book, you just need to remember a few things:
  • Date the letter at the top of the page
  • If you do not have a specific person's name to address it to, start with 'Dear Sir/Madam'
  • Always put your address at the top of the page
  • Always quote you account number in all correspondence
Once you have done this, quite simply tell them what you want, there are many ways you could ask for this, here are a few examples;

Dear Sir or Madam,

  • Please could you send me a new pass book. My bank account number is (insert your account number).
  • I am writing to request a new pass book for my bank account (insert your account number). I would appreciate it if you could send this as soon as possible.
  • I have mislaid my pass book for my account (insert your account number). Please could you send me a new one.
The ending of the letter is important too, if you know the name of the person you are addressing the letter to, then you should end your letter with either:
  • Yours sincerely
  • Best regards
If you do not know the person you are addressing the letter to, then you should end your letter with:
  • Yours faithfully
Keep your letter short, to the point and spaced out well, there is no need to squash it all together, you have a whole sheet of paper, spread it out and use up all the space.

These types of requests can also be done now by telephone banking, Internet banking or quite simply going into your local branch, any of these would be definitely quicker than a letter.
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Dear sir,

Here I am your one of customer and my passbook is missing so I request to issues new passbook.
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New account open in bank but till date pass book not received.
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Request letter to branch manager for duplicate pass book

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