What Pen Names Did Charles Dickens Use?


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Charles Dickens did the majority of his writing under his own name, but he did use the name "Boz"

In 1833, Dickens started writing humorous sketches for the Monthly Chronicle. The sketch entitled "Mr. Minns and his Cousin" was the first piece of fiction ever written by him and this and the rest of the collection proved very popular with readers.

The sketches were written about everyday people and everyday life, about social life and customs. There were thoughts about people and situations and stories about humorous events.

In 1836, a book was published containing the best and most popular sketches. The book was illustrated by George Cruikshank, a well known illustrator at the time who was renowned for social caricatures of British life for several popular publications such as The Comic Almanack and Omnibus (1842).
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Most of the time he used his own name.   Sometimes though, he used, "Boz."

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