What Pen Names Were Used By The Bronte Sisters To Hide Their True Gender As Authors?


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The Bronte family contained three sisters - Charlotte, Anne and Emily - all of whom are now world famous for their contributions to the literary world. However, during the time of their work's original publication, it was customary for female writers and authors to publish their pieces under male pseudonyms, as this was during a time before a strong sense of gender equality.

Charlotte Bronte published a lot of her earlier works under the name 'Currer Bell', Emily under the pseudonym 'Ellis Bell', and Anne was known as 'Acton Bell'.

For the purposes of their pseudonyms, the sisters were all part of the fictional Bell family, with each of their first names corresponding to the letter with which their real names started.

Charlotte Bronte was most famous for her novel Jane Eyre, while Anne and Emily published Agnes Grey and Wuthering Heights respectively. 

The sisters once published a book of poems together, towards the start of their careers in 1846, and this was known as 'Poems of Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell'.

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Ellis Bell, Acton Bell and Currer Bell were the names used by the Bronte sisters. I don't think there was a Jane, I think the name was Anne.
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You are so right about Anne, rather than Jane. Long day! Thank you for your answers!

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