Can I Get An Essay On 'MY FAVOURITE POET'?


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My favourite poet
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Think of a poet whose work inspires or fascinates you the most. There's probably the one who calls whether to your own feelings or to the poems of your own, if there are some. You may refer to Supreme Essay service to have them write about a given poet or leave this choice for them.

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SHAKESPEARE        This question is often  asked, especially by disgruntled students forced to sit through dreary  "Shakespeare lessons" at school; and some very eminent writers,  including Tolstoy and Shaw, have questioned his reputation. And yet people go  on reading, watching and performing Shakespeare more than any other dramatist  in the world.  Ultimately, what is special about him is perhaps that, if you study all his  work, you get the impression that there was no human experience – no state of  mind, no predicament – that he could not understand and portray. At first  glance it might seem impossible that someone writing 400 years ago could have  so much to tell a modern audience; but people today are still finding their personal,  social and political situation mirrored in Shakespeare. In fact he is even used  on management courses!  However, it is probably in his portrayal of our deepest and most private  emotions that Shakespeare still speaks to us. As Bernard Levin said, "No other  writer…has brought us so close to the heart of the ultimate mystery of the  universe and of man's place in it."

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