How Did Romeo Die?


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Romeo killed himself by drinking poison. He takes the poison because he has killed the man Juliet should have married but did not want to (Paris). He then mistakenly thinks that Juliet is dead (in fact she is only drugged and is waiting for Romeo to come and rescue her). However, Romeo does not get the message about Juliet needing to be rescued, he hears only that she is dead. So he buys a poison, lies down beside her and dies.
Juliet wakes up and seeing Romeo dead beside her, takes his dagger and stabs herself. The final tragedy in this dark tale written by Shakespeare in 1595 and set in Verona, Italy.
The tragedy unfurls as a result of a feud between two families, the Montagues and the Capulets and many of the issues explored are still very relevant today. Life, love, family tensions, controlling parents and rebellious children are all features which make the play one to which people can still relate to in the 21st Century.
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Scene 5;1, Romeo, in thought, remembers an apothecary, who is poor and needy, his shop is threadbare and there are several boxes around, all empty, green earthen pots and cakes of roses, all to give a show, but not enough to hide the desperation of poverty. Romeo gives the apothecary 40 ducats, and asks for a poison, "As will disperse itself through all the veins/ That the life- weary taker may fall dead". The apothecary states, "Such mortal drugs I have, but Mantua's law/ Is death to any he that utters them".  Nowhere in the exchanges is any poison identified, the apothecary saying simply to, "Put this in any liquid thing you will/ And drink it off,and if you had the strength/ Of twenty men it would dispatch you straight". By Juliet's grave, Romeo takes the poison, "O true apothecary, thy drugs are quick! Thus with a kiss, I die".
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We are not told what was in the poison Romeo took. We're only told that the man who sold it to him was a desperately poor apothecary, who didn't want to sell a deadly poison but was driven to it by poverty. Shakespeare lists a lot of the things he had in his shop - including a stuffed alligaor and some old seeds and threads - but nothing that could be used as a poison. The apothecary tells Romeo that what he gives him is strong enough to kill twenty men. - probably poetic exaggeration. It is most likely to have been made from herbs such as hemlock or deadly nightshade, but Shakespeare is careful to give no hints at all.
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Romeo died because he thought that juliet died.....but little did he know that juliet little a sleeping potion to fool Count paris......then juliet woke up and only to find her loved one dead!.. So she took romeo's dagger and stabbed her self !!!!!
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Romeo died of poisening he poisend himself because he thought there wqas no more point in living because he saw juliet dead. =]
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He thought that Juliet was dead.Someone gave Juliet a sleeping potion and told romeo she was dead.He drank poison and died because he couldn't stand what happened to his love.When Juliet woke up she saw Romeo, right next to her, dead.She loved him and stabbed herself.
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He took poison
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Romeo died by drinking poison because he thought his beloved wife juliet was dead when she actually was unconscious
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Romeo drank poison that he bought on his way to Juliet's tomb because he believed her to be dead.

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