Where Did Romeo And Juliet Die?


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Paris is not in the Capulet tomb. Paris is outside mourning the loss of Juliet when Romeo comes up. They argue, fight, and Paris is slain. Romeo then breaks open the tomb and kills himself next to Juliet. She awakens, realizes what has happened, is left there by Friar Laurence, and then kills herself still in the tomb.
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Yes Paris is in the Capulet tomb. Romeo kills him there and Paris's last death wish was to be by Juliet forever. Romeo kinda pushes him by Juliet (still on the ground) then he gos by Juliet says his last words, kisses her and then kills himself. Juliet then wakes up when hes dead. Sees the Friar he bags her to come with her and to become a nun. She refuses and the Friar gets Scared away from the dead people. Then she kills her self with romeos dagger.
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In the Capulet monument/grave site of the Capulet family. Juliet was sent there after she had "died" and Romeo had gone to meet her at the same time Paris had gone to visit and mourn his would-be wife. Romeo and Paris get into a fight and they both end up dead. Juliet awakes from her "death" and sees her love lifeless on the ground, takes a dagger and stabs herself in her heart.
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It happens that Juliet's parents force her to get engaged with Paris in three days time. And tells her if she did not do as said they will disown her forever. Her nurse who was in her confidence, tells her to secretly run away to Romeo. Juliet than visits Friar Lawrence, who makes a plan and tells Juliet that he will hand over her a drug which on drinking will make for sleep for two and forty hours. She takes it as said and finds herself dead apparently, and is lead to the family crypt.

In the mean while Friar is to inform Romeo and that they can be back together. The message did not reach Romeo by some means, and later Romeo get to know about Juliet's fake death from his servant Balthasar. He gets extremely sad and dishearten. He buys a strong poison for himself and comes to Verona in secret, and visits the family's crypt, where he sees Paris feeling sorry over Juliet's dead body.

There he has a battle with Paris and kills him. After killing him he buryes him in the Capulet monument. Romeo says his last words to Juliet and drinks the poison and lays death besides her. At this point Juliet wakes up, and on seeing Romeo's death body she stabs herself with Romeo's dagger and lies death.
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Romeo and Juliet die at the cemetery in the tomb in which Juliet is placed when she fakes her death. Romeo dies by drinking poison while Juliet stabs herself with Romeo's dagger.
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Okay so this is really how it go down. Juliet was like I want to marry this boy,he so fine. But my daddy say no you fitty little girl!, so she puh-tends to die and they put huh in the honeycomb. Then tony, you know tony romo, comes and see huh dead on that lil shelf. And be he like "oh no she didnt! So he kill hisself by jinkin the posonous stuff and dyin. Then one minute lata she wake up and she like.... Oh my sweet lil romo. I can't belee this. So she die too. She plunge a big booty tootpick in huhh body, and she sAY this dhy sheath. And she dun die too. And they died happy ever atter in the capoolet honeycombs
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In the vault when romeo went to go see her after he heard she died (she wasnt she just had a potion) he bought poison to kill him real fast and he drank it as he gave juliet a kiss goodbye. Just a few moments after romeo passed juliet arose. She saw romeo on the ground next to her and killed herself with his dagger :(

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