Where Do Romeo And Juliet First Declare Their Love To Each Other?


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Romeo and Juliet is the most famous narrative poem by Arthur Brook's poem, which was named as The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet. William Shakespeare was very much influenced by this poem. He studied it ever closely and he worked more on every little character. This play is all about falling love. This play is a huge example, which shows that love sees no religion, no boundaries, and no enemy.

This beautiful story begins from Verona, where two families Capulets and the Montagues lived. It has been said that these two families had been fighting with each other for generations. At the age of thirteen Juliet, get a marriage proposal from Count Paris, and he asks her father, Capulet to marry her. But considering his daughters' young age, he asked him to seek her attention at the family ball, and delay the marriage. Juliets' mother advised her to meet the Count and she did so but she was totally against the idea of getting married.

On the other hand, Romeos' cousin Benvolio, asks him about a lady by the name of Rosaline, who appears to be an imaginary actor in the play. Therefore he decides to attend the ball, hoping to meet Rosaline. And there instead of her he falls for Juliet and Juliet falls for him. The famous balcony scene is where they first declare their love for each other. And the young couple decides to marry each other without letting their families know.
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