What Is The Conversation Between Romeo And Juliet?


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Romeo: Juliet, With this round of bringing a moon, it's silver cover these fruit tree's top, I promiss
juliet: Oh, don't swear with the moon, it change often, every month has it's own wax and wane; if you swear with it, your love will be like it perhaps?
Remeo: Then what should I swear with??
Juliet: No need to sear; or if you wish, then swear with your own graceful, that's the idol I adore, I will believe in you for sure.
Romeo: I swear from the bottom of my heart
Juliet: Oh, forget it, don't swear, althought I love you, but didn't like tonight's date; its too rush and surprised, it's like a bolt of lightning, can't even wait before I say something, its already gone. Goodbye love! This is a love's bud, with the warm wind blow of summer, perhaps next time when we meet, it will bloom a colourful flower. Good night mylove, may the peace pacify our heart
Romeo: Ah! You just leave me here like that, not even give me a little satisfy?
Juliet: (sigh) what is it you still haven't satisfy?
Romeo: You still haven't exchange your pledge of our true love.  
Juliet: Before you haven't meet the require, I had already gave you my love; but I can give you again.
Romeo: You have to take it back? Why mylove?  
Juliet: To show my generous, I will give it to you once again. But I only want the things I already have; my generous is wide as sea, my love as deep as sea; the more I give you, the more I earn, because these two are limitness. Ah! I can hear someone calling me inside: Adieu, my love! Coming, mother! --dear,wish you never faithless. Oh coming, I m coming.
Romeo; blessed, a blessed night! I m afraid it just a dream, something like this isn't true.
Jeliet: Dear Romeo. Just three more sentence, then we have to adieu. If your love is true, your purpose is marrige, then tomorrow I will send a servant to you, you can ask him to bring a letter to me, tell me where you want to go, when is the wedding; then I will give you my destiny, pretend you are my master. Follow you til end of the world.
Juliet: A thousand time of good night!
Romeo: If there isn't you light, I only have a thousand time of hear broken! The one I love is going a date that isn't with me, its like a child came back from school; but when he and his lover are separate, its like going to school with a lot of dejected.
Juliet: Oh! Romeo! Oh! (sigh!) I wish I can whitsle as eagle, summon this little bird back, I can't talk aloud, or my voice will go in echo(ps: The greece fairy)'s cave, her invinsible throat will raucity by keep yelling my Romeo's name
Romeo: That's my spirit calling my name, lover's voice are so clear in the night, its the most soft music in the world.
Juliet: When should I sent my servant to come see you?
Romeo: 9 O'clock
Juliet: Ok, I promiss; oh, when that time come, its been 20years! I can't remember why I call you back.
Romeo: Let me stand here til you remember and tell me
Juliet: You stand in front of me, I only wnat to be with you together, then I will never remember  
Romeo: Then I will wait here forever, makes you forget that, forget theres no home except here
the sun is almost rise; I wish you go; but I m a naughtygirl, a bird jump out of her hand like a prisoner, and use a silk thread to pull it back, the girl don't want to give it free under love's selfish
Romeo: I wish I m your bird
Juliet: I wish that too mylove; but I m afraid you might die under my excessive placate, good night my love, sepreate is always sweet, I really want to say goodnight til morning.

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