How Does Shakespeare Show Change In Macbeth From Beginning To End?


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Macbeth is a play about the philosophy and psychology of evil. The central character is first lauded as a loyal warrior, General of Arms and patriot. He is granted an Earldom (Thane) by his king, and he and his brother General, Banquo, are invited to attend the king. However, something happens well before any of this takes place. Macbeth is mystified by a vision of three witches upon the heath, who tell Macbeth of promised glory, culminating in the Kingship of Scotland! Macbeth tells his wife, who then turns her mind to the killing of the king, and the resultant change in Macbeth's proud lifestyle begins to crumble. Everything from then on goes down. It is his wife who first plants the idea of murder in his mind.She herself, murders the king's chamberlain's, to make it seem as though they murdered him. Banquo is murdered, as his son Fleance, would become king. Macduff's wife and son are murdered. Siward's son is murdered, and all because Macbeth is chasing shadows, dreams and uncertainties. Finally, upon the battlefield, he faces Macduff, who was born of Caesarian section, (Not of woman born), he slays Macbeth, and the whole sorry business comes to an end.

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