How Does Quentin Blake Go About Illustrating Books?


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Quentin Blake is best known for his illustrations for the Roald Dahl books. His technique involves colouring his pen and ink drawings in watercolour. He works with a free hand at first, then traces elements from the first draft onto subsequent drafts.

Quentin Blake (born December 16th 1932), took a degree in English Literature at Downing College, Cambridge (1953 - 1956), and then worked at the Royal College of art. In 1999 he was made the first Children's Laureate in the UK, and was appointed OBE in 1988.

Books that were both written and illustrated by Quentin Blake include:

Angel Pavement
Mrs Armitage Queen of the Road
Laureate's Progress
Quentin Blake's Abc
The Green Ship
Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave
Mrs Armitage On Wheels
Mister Magnolia
The Story Of The Dancing Frog
Quentin Blake's Nursery Rhymes
The Adventures of Lester

And many more.

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