What Is The Value Of Some Classic Illustrated Comic Books?


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Ascertaining the value of some classic illustrated comic books is not a straightforward process since there are many criteria used by book dealers and collectors to determine what their monetary value is.  These include the condition of the comic book, the quality of the printing, as well as whether it is part of a complete series or collection.

The Classic Illustrated comic book series was published between 1941 and 1971 and consist of illustrated adaptations of well-known works of fiction such as ‘Huckleberry Finn’ and ‘Oliver Twist.’  The fact that they are out of print makes them highly collectible, although the value of each comic does vary according to its condition, its date of publication and whether it is a first edition or not.

A full list of the series, together with more background information can be found on Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classics_Illustrated

There are a few reference books that can offer advice and help comic book owners to get an idea of the estimated value of their comics.  These include the ‘Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide,’ the ‘Comic Book Checklist and Price Guide’, the ‘Comics Values Annual,’ or the ‘Standard Catalogue of Comic Books.’  A website with handy information and book recommendations is: Www.comicbookscircus.com.

Alternatively, a visit to a few local comic book dealers may be advisable since they will have the best idea of what a given article is worth in the current market and/or region.  EBay is also a good place to look - similar items may have been sold on there in the past, allowing for an approximation of price. 

Several forums and websites also exist such as cbgxtra.com/  and comicbookrealm.com  where advice can be sought via discussions with comic book experts and enthusiasts.

In general though, dealers will look at how well-kept the comic is - comics without tears, scratches, water staining or sun bleaching etc. Will fetch more than those in less pristine condition.

Publication dates and editions are also important - early and first editions are always more valuable than reprints.
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Value of the classic illustrated comic books might depend on the quality of the printing as well as the dealers of these books. On the other hand era can also be considered to know the exact value of the book.
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Any comic book price/value is determined by condition/grade first. Classics Illustrated are a bit different than most comics and there where many printings of most of the titles. Is it a first, 2nd, 3rd or 15th print/edition? Is it a LDC(line drawn cover) or a PC(painted cover)? The Classics Illustrated series is a very complicated series and you need to learn how to tell which ones you have before you can tell what the value is. A simple way to start is look on the back of the book and look at the list of books, they all are numbered. Now look at the last book on the list and see what that number is. They are identified by HRN or highest reorder number. If the last number of book on the list is 131 this is described as HRN131. Let's say you have a copy of #31 "The Black Arrow" HRN131 in Fine condition. Look in Overstreet Price Guide and it will show that it is the 7th edition and it also is where they changed from LDC to PC and this is more valuable than other PC's printed later. There where 14 printings of this title. It may not be as valuable as a first printing, but it is more valuable than those printed after it. It is the first print with the new cover even though it is the 7th printing overall. They kept the date the same through all the reprints. You can't use the date in the indica to determine the date unless it is an original or a HRN166 or HRN167. A general rule is, if the HRN is the same or close to the issue number, it is an original. Some of the titles had only one printing and some had 23 printings, some had 1 cover and some had up to 4 different covers. Take all of these variables and the condition of the book to come to the value of the book or books that you have. This is a very interesting and complicated series and takes some time and study to figure out. Look at the Overstreet Price Guide for in depth information to help sort out this wonderful comic book series.
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Yo can also go to different comic book stores and see how much they would offer you. Try a few stores.
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I have a Classics Illustrated comic book,  No. 80, it says 25c on it.  The name if White Fang, Jack London.
Could I find the value of it?
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No. 2   20,000 leagues under the sea

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