How Much Are 20-Year-Old Comic Books Worth?


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It can be really difficult to work out how much your old comic books are worth – my boyfriend collects them, and their value can vary so much!

How To Find Out How Much Your Comic Books Are Worth If you bought them within the past few years, the price you originally paid for them is quite a good indication. However, the best way of getting an idea of how much you could sell them for is by looking on dedicated comic book valuing websites such as Comic Book Price Guide.

Using eBay to find out prices isn't recommended - many people don't realize the value of the comic books they're selling.

You could always see if your local comic book store would value your comics for you, but be warned – they might offer you a lot less money than they’re actually worth, especially if they think you won’t notice!

What Affects The Price Of Comic Books?
  • Age
  • Condition - rips, tears, yellowed pages and missing coupons all have a significant impact on the value
  • Rarity
  • First appearance of a character

Did You Know? The most a comic book has ever been sold for is $2.16 million. It was the first issue of Action Comics, and was printed in 1938.
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Well the guy that said they'd be cheap because the paper quality is wrong. Paper naturally goes that colour but I bet they'd happily last another 20 years.

Don't put them on eBay because that's a waste - I get my old comics from car boot sales and from ebay because the people have no idea how cheap they are selling them. All of them together could be over £100 but you might be better selling them seperately at £50 each. If they are by a well-known publisher like Marvel, DC, or Dark Horse you could sell them for a lot more.

Just be careful about what you do with them, I have comics from the '70s and I plan to keep them until I'm at least mid-20s (I'm 15 by the way, but I've done plenty of research on this). Try and find out a good dealer who knows what he's doing and haggle with him untill he won't put the price up anymore.

If you choose to use eBay at least put the starting price to £20-£25.

You could start going to car boots to buy more! Then you could start a collection and with 20 old comics you could EASILY get £500 when they are sold properly and strategically.
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If they are in good condition then they would be worth a lot, especially the classics.

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