Where Can I Find The Value Of My Comic Books For Free?


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Karen Knapstein answered
To find out what they are worth, you first want to get yourself some good reference books like the Comic Book Checklist and Price Guide, the Comics Values Annual, or the Standard Catalog of Comic Books.

Condition is very important ... You might say that it is close to being everything--depending on the rarity of your comic book--in determining the value of your books.

You can also visit comics forums like CBGXtra.com, which is the web site for Comics Buyer's Guide CBGXtram, where you can chat with comic book enthusiasts and get their input.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
You have to go on comic book shops and show them your stuff, they can tell you the value of your books but they will always offer you low amount. You can also place these books on some book fair to get good amount.

Secondly you can sell the books on ebay.com or amazon.com and can get good money of it.
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Your best bet really is just to take it to a comic book store. Hope this helps.  
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Racy Jones answered
You can search online for the sources and try to find good sites for ebook library.
Compare their prices and decide for tha value of your old books.
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Moe Pence answered
If you can't find an appraiser (which I agree would be your best bet):
One of the best sources for old comic book prices and information is your library.  I collect the old "Classics Illustrated" comics, and the library has a book for finding out pricing information:  "The Overstreet Comic Book Guide", by Robert Overstreet.  It's updated every couple of years.
Hope that helps out, too.
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Chris ???? answered
I agree with tigger. A comic book must be appraised first hand for condition. A more accurate appraisal will be likely with a comic dealer.

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